Inner Awareness Hypnotherapy and Personal Empowerment Coaching

Individual Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are among the fastest growing fields of human achievement and personal development. Whether you are working with an existing issue or want to develop new levels of personal mastery, hypnosis is a powerful and positive method to help you accomplish your goals.

Using the most advanced transformational hypnotherapy techniques available, individual sessions are specifically tailored to assist clients to accomplish their personal goals and achieve healthier, happier, and more successful lives.
Hypnosis is a safe, fast, and effective method to achieve lasting results. Usually only 5-6 sessions per issue are all that is required to achieve permanent change. Sessions generally last between 75-90 minutes for adults and 60 minutes for children and adolescents.

Each hypnosis session is conducted in a professional, confidential, and compassionate manner. I am a member in good standing of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Hypnosis Federation. I maintain the highest professional standards and strictly adhere to the National Guild of Hypnotists Code of Ethics.

To schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you reach your goals, please call 571-419-2206 or email me.

Individual Hypnotherapy Session Fee: $125   Telephone and Skype sessions are available.


Individual Personal Empowerment Coaching

Personal Empowerment Coaching is a powerful, multidisciplinary coaching system designed to help you identify and accomplish your goals and to live the deeply fulfilling, meaningful, and successful life that you were meant to live.

Personal Empowerment Coaching is a deeply transformational journey of self-inquiry, self-awareness, and self-mastery based upon the principles of Authentic Personal Power. This interactive process rapidly facilitates inner awareness, personal growth, and professional development. Each full coaching session lasts 75 minutes, with between-session assignments and on-going feedback. Forty-five minute sessions are available for follow-up appointments.

If you are truly committed to changing your life and living your dreams, Personal Empowerment Coaching can help you achieve your goals. Sessions can be conducted in person and/or via telephone or Skype.

Personal Empowerment Coaching Fee: $125 per session

Telephone and Skype sessions are available.

Small Group Empowerment Coaching

Learning to trust ourselves is one of the most important and challenging lessons of our lives. Working within a small group can be a powerful environment for learning how to honor and trust ourselves and how to build with authentic relationships with others.

Small Group Empowerment Coaching
creates a safe container for deep personal growth and transformation. Group sessions are limited to six (6) participants who commit to meet on a bi-weekly basis with on-going support between coaching sessions via email and telephone.

The advantages of group coaching are that each participant benefits directly from the growth, insight and empowerment of the other members. Powerful bonds are formed and often life-time friendships are forged during this shared journey of discovery. This is not a therapy group. Small Group Empowerment Coaching is a soul-based journey of inner awareness and an opportunity to create self-trust, success and authentic abundance in all areas of your life.

Small Group Coaching Sessions
are limited to six (6) participants. A minimum 4-session commitment is required to participate in the Small Group Coaching Program.

Fees for Small Group Coaching Program: $40 per session per participant.

Teleconference sessions are available.

The future is the result of what we do right now. - Pema Chodron

To schedule hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis training and/or personal empowerment coaching sessions or for information about upcoming classes and events, please call me at 571-419-2206, email me or use the contact form on this website.


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